Your surgeon has an obligation to provide the highest quality care in the industry to date. In order to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome from your surgical procedure, your surgeon incorporated the use of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) to protect your nervous system. 

IONM is performed by trained neurophysiologist and board certified neurologists, using advanced equipment that is specifically designed to perform nerve monitoring.  Electrodes are strategically placed over nerves and muscles which are linked to our equipment.  Through moderate stimulation of these electrodes, the neurophysiologist and surgeon are provided with real-time information ensuring the integrity of your neurological pathways.  Your surgeon incorporates this information into his/her decision making process to offer you the best outcomes and recovery.

As a courtesy to you, we have billed your insurance company for our charges. You may receive a payment and/or Explanation of Benefits related to these charges. Any payment or Explanation of Benefits received for intraoperative monitoring services should be forwarded to us as soon as it is received.  Should have any questions or concerns, please contact our billing department at (615) 928-6075. 
* Please note that Precedent Spine owns 7 IONM companies and you may see these company names on payments and explanation of benefits. (Alaska IOM, Cascade IOM, Connecticut IOM, Maryland IOM, Michigan IOM, New York IOM, IOM BP) 


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