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At Precedent Spine, challenges awaken us, heighten our curiosity, and inspire bold thinking. Where others see barriers, we see possibilities. We are driven to deliver a high standard of quality healthcare enabling us to provide the best outcomes for patients, surgeons, and hospitals alike.​


Precedent Spine is a Nashville based company specializing in Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). We have partnered with surgeons and hospitals across the country to provide patients with optimal care during complex surgeries involving the neural structures.  We understand that as surgeons and hospitals, your goal is to protect patients and deliver the best possible care.


After being purchased in 2011, Precedent Spine has grown exponentially due to our unparalleled clinical expertise in the field of IONM. While neurophysiologists are present in the OR, along with the real-time remote monitoring by a neurologist, surgeons are forewarned of any adverse effects to the nervous system during surgery, allowing the opportunity to correct any problems.


Precedent Spine owns and manages a network of neuromonitoring companies around the country to fully serve our facilities. These companies include Alaska IOM, Cascade IOM, Connecticut IOM, Maryland IOM, Michigan IOM, New York IOM and IOM BP.


Choosing the best IONM company to assist surgeons during complex surgeries in the operating room is an important task.  Precedent Spine arms surgeons and hospitals alike with the tools to deliver the best care in order to further protect your patients safety. Our IONM services benefit all parties: hospitals save resources that would otherwise be spent on an in-house IONM team; surgeons have access to constant, comprehensive updates from a neurophysiologist and neurologist during surgery; and patients receive high quality care while experiencing optimal results.





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