Precedent Spine’s collection of services all work to increase performance where it matters most: in the OR. Our IONM team of specialists arm surgeons with the tools required to provide optimal patient care, and increase the quality of patient outcomes.




Precedent Health Secures Equity Financing to Align Service Offerings and Support Growth.

Improved Outcomes.
Increasing the quality of care by managing neural responses.

Clinical Expertise.

Providing quality neural oversight allowing surgeons to focus on the procedure.

Risk Mitigation.
Protecting neural structures while reducing surgical risks.

Helping ensure favorable surgical outcomes through continuous, comprehensive monitoring of patient neurological integrity.


We provide neurophysiologists with a well-defined training program, allowing you to further your education; a positive work environment, helping maintain a happy and healthy life style; and a quality management team, delivering support 24/7.


We provide surgeons with a skilled neurophysiologist and neurologist team to help avert negative effects during a complex surgical procedure, allowing the surgeon to focus on delivering high quality care.

We provide patients with a peace of mind before surgery knowing that the surgeon and surgical team are working to ensure the best possible outcome and provide the highest quality of care that can be given.


We provide hospitals with a reduction in risk by improving your patient's quality of care, and maintaining the valuable standard of care in today's medical environment. 

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